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We Need Your Help!
Posted on Aug 30th, 2021

Palisades Park Owners Association
We need your help!
During the July 2021 regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the Directors unanimously approved a resolution to consider (1) establishing committees with defined scopes of work to support the management of the Association and to increase participation by owners; (2) drafting rules and procedures of membership and operations for the committees; and (3) soliciting interest by owners in serving on possible committees.     
As such, the Board of Directors is considering establishing the advisory committees with initial responsibilities as outlined below and appointing members accordingly.  We are sending this announcement as a call for volunteers to serve on these committees.  The Board is seeking three to five members for each committee, and we welcome all interested neighbors.  We also encourage those with relevant knowledge and experiences to volunteer.  If there is overwhelming interest by the members of the community, the Board will consider increasing membership.    
The purpose of the committees is to support the work of the Association.  The Board is initially considering the committees below; however, we are also open to suggestions by the community for any other committees that can support the work of the Association.  We will consider other committees in the future as needs arise or change.       
1.     Landscaping and Infrastructure Committee:  To assist the Board with landscaping (including improving the plantings at our pillar sites), irrigation, snow removal and ice management, and infrastructure of the common areas of the community.
[N.B.: The landscaping committee was established by a previous Board resolution; however, the scope of work and the rules and procedures have not yet been established.  The Board is considering adding infrastructure to the work of this committee.] 
2.     Budget and Finance Committee:  To assist the Treasurer of the Board with the formulation of the annual budget and with oversight of the annual audit and the financial provisions of the reserve study and insurance coverage.
3.     Communications Committee:  To assist the Secretary of the Board by helping to oversee and manage the information on the community’s website, advising on the possibility for establishing a community-wide newsletter, and helping to identify issues for potential town hall meetings of the Association.
4.     Covenants and Contracts Committee:  To assist the Board with reviewing and recommending updates to the governing documents and helping to develop and update, as needed, scopes of work for contracts, such as for a management company and for legal representation.
5.     Social Committee:  To assist the Board with organizing and implementing community-wide social events.
With the establishment of committees, the Board of Directors wants to increase representation and participation in the work of the Association and provide opportunities for members of the community to be involved.  We are relying on community members to volunteer for two years of service to these committees.  The committees will have rules and procedures that will define its purpose, membership, and methods of operation.
If you are interested in being a member of one of the committees, please email Elaine Russ at, indicating the committee that you would like to join and relevant skills that can contribute to the work.  Please let us know of your interest by Wednesday, September 15, 2021.