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Founding Documents Update
Posted on Jun 28th, 2020

The Board met via Zoom with our attorney on June 3 to review the proposed changes to our founding documents.  Last week, our attorney, Bill Mason, incorporated our comments and concerns in a new draft version of the documents that we received on Monday (June 22nd).  The Board is writing a summary of the changes which will be reviewed with Bill Mason on Monday.  Our goal is to have the first draft of the proposed document and the summary of the changes posted on our website no later than Wednesday, July 1, 2020 so everyone can review.  We will accept comments and questions via email, mail, and at several “town hall” style virtual meetings on Zoom.  We will make changes and hold further meetings as necessary to accept additional feedback and answer questions.  Members will be asked to approve the changes by signing a ratification of the amendment.  Once the percentage for approval has been obtained, the Board President will sign a notarized certification that the requisite percentage of votes has been obtained.