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Palisades Park is nestled among towering trees overlooking the Potomac. Key Bridge, Georgetown, The Kennedy Center, and all of the attractions of downtown Washington, DC are just minutes away.  The Rosslyn Metro stop is just a short walk. National Airport, Old Town Alexandria, the hip new Clarendon Corridor, and Tysons Corner provide convenient shopping, transportation, and nightlife. Learn more about us here.  
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Palisades Park News 07-19-2020
Posted on Jul 18th, 2020
Our new website was released to production on Friday afternoon.  It should start appearing at our web address ( ) on Monday once the nameservers are changed by our vendor.  I am told it will take 2-48 hours to fully propagate across the web.  Once the site is live, you will receive an email with an invitation to create a login on the site.  The information we have in our database has been populated in your account but please check phone numbers, contacts, etc. for accuracy.  More instructions will be included in the email.   You will need the login to access many of the new features of the site. 
Home Page
The home page features a menu bar at the top with various drop-down selections.  A “feature box” below the login area contains frequently requested links.   Below that are links to popular items that will change over time.  Still further down are links to upcoming events (calendar), recent news, and the message board. The message board will allow members to post information for others to see.  This is where you will be able to post comments and questions about the proposed document changes as well as other areas of interest.   Please review the Community Discussion and Comments Guidelines as well as the Terms of Use before posting on the board.
About Us
Overview of our community
Management Company - Contacts and a direct link to their website
History - This is just the beginning.  If you have pictures you would like to share, especially old images when the community was first built, please send them to us for posting.
Board of Directors – Includes dates of terms, contacts, etc.
ARB (Architectural Review Board)  - This section is still under construction but you can see contact information for the ARB.
Maps – This section shows all the layers of the maps we use in the community that include mailboxes, light poles, utility boxes, names of areas.
FAQs – Future feature
Floorplans – contains the original floorplans from EYA in downloadable PDF format.  We hope to get up to date drawings from a real estate agent. 
Pictures – contains images of some homes.  This area is just started.  Here again, we hope to get some professional shots, probably from a real estate agent, that we can show here.  This area will show future owners what can be done with our homes.
Renovations – future feature - in this area, we plan to show before and after shots of various homes – during construction could prove interesting too.   This area is to provide inspiration for owners and future owners. 
Original Brochure – contains the original builder brochure for Palisades Park.  Similar to floorplans but the complete brochure.
Group Buys – this area will contain information on current and past group buys.
Owner Tips – future feature– this will contain information on maintaining your home including a graphic of architectural terms. 
Real Estate Links – this is a placeholder that could be used to link to homes available for sale or rent in Palisades Park.
Pictures Gallery – this will eventually contain images from meetings, social events, major projects, etc. 
Owner Resources is a password protected area of the site where you can find current information on the Association
Architecture and Landscape – contains the ARB Guidelines, Vendor List, Approved Replacement Items, House Colors, and other documents.
Directory – For now, the directory only contains names and property addresses of owners and renters which is generally public information.  The directory is password protected and not available to the public.  The directory contains information that allows us to send emails targeted to specific streets, areas, committee members, owners with private irrigation systems, and many other groups. 
Documents – contains the minutes from all ARB meetings since 2004, Board meeting minutes since 2005, slides from the 2019 Annual Meeting (with more to come as we have time to shrink the documents to meet the size restrictions), original Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Bylaws, and ARB Guidelines, budget letters for the last four years, procedures we use for various activities, and the current reserve study including the wall inventory.  We will add more historical documents as we have time to catalog them. 
Audits – The audits for the last four years as well as the name of our auditor.  
Document Changes – this section contains the proposed document change materials as well as copies of the POAA and other reference materials. 
Around Us - contains links to various parks and development plans.  With your suggestions, we plan to add more information on local businesses, bike trails, and other information useful to our owners.  If you have a suggestion, let us know.
External Links – links to our property management company as well as their direct debit form for automatic payments, HomeWise (for resale packets), and Community Association Institute which is a resource for community associations such as ours.  This area also contains links to the police, trash services, real estate assessments, parks, and the main Arlington home page.  Finally, there is a link to the Washington Post that subscribers can use to stop delivery of their newspaper.  Suggestions for other links are welcome. 
Contact Us – On this page, you will be able to contact our property manager, individual Board members, the entire Board, the ARB, Social Committee, or general information email.  Select the drop down box and your name and email should pre-populate (if you are logged on) and you can submit your email.  
Links to the Terms of Use are at the bottom of the page. 
We ask for your patience if not all the features of the website work properly.   If you find errors, links that don’t work, etc., please email them to  If anyone is interested in providing content for the site or updating existing information, please let us know.  
At the Board meeting on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the Board decided to schedule the first two Town Halls on the proposed changes to our Declarations.
Sunday, August 2, 2020 from 5:00PM to 8:00PM
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 from 7:00PM to  10:00PM
The meetings will be virtual and held on Zoom.  We will provide login information closer to the meeting.  Now that we have a secure site, we will be able to post logins and passwords on the website.  More information on the meetings will be sent out next week.  
As part of the new website, we will be moving to a new email server.  Our email service is currently hosted by Bluehost on a shared server.  Other entities using the same server (and IP address) may send out spam resulting in our emails being blocked by Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, and other services.  We have been told this won’t be a problem with the new server.  
Two important notes. 
For the next few days, if you send an important email to an email address on the domain, please copy our property manager, Alvaro Guerra in case the message is lost during the transfer from one system to the other.
We don’t want to miss you!  If you do not receive an invitation to the new website by Wednesday, July 22, please send an email to and copy so we can send you a link manually.  
Sunday     August 2        5:00PM Town Hall 1               Virtual Meeting – reply to this message for meeting ID & password
Wednesday  August 19       7:00PM Town Hall 2          Virtual Meeting – reply to this message for meeting ID & password
Tuesday    September 8     7:00PM ARB Meeting         Virtual Meeting – check website for details closer to date
Wednesday  September 16    7:30PM Annual Meeting            Virtual Meeting – more info to follow
Tuesday    November 10     7:00PM ARB Meeting          TBD – likely to be virtual
Wednesday  November 18     7:30PM Board Meeting (tentative) TBD – likely to be virtual
Sunday     December 6      5:00PM Holiday Party (tentative) TBD – likely to be cancelled
Upcoming Events
Board Meeting - Virtual
Wednesday, July 28th, 7:30PM at Virtual
See Owner Resources/Upcoming Zoom Meetings for login and meeting materials
Board Meeting - Virtual
Wednesday, September 15th, 7:30PM at Virtual
See Owner Resources/Upcoming Zoom Meetings for login and meeting materials
Resale Packets
Resale Disclosure Packets are available on
Please login to view this area.

The Palisades Park community is an oasis tucked into a quiet corner of Rosslyn, VA overlooking the banks of the Potomac. For years, our community has invested in our infrastructure to support a high quality of life for our residents and their guests. We have invested in state of the art irrigation systems for nearly all our common areas to keep our community looking beautiful. Our landscape lighting was upgraded to LED for energy and maintenance savings. All of our old wood utility boxes were replaced with long lasting composite materials to save on maintenance and replacement costs.


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