Palisades Park


Committees are advisory to the Board. Their primary role is to provide information and options to enable the Board to make fully informed decisions for the Association. Every volunteer on the committee has an equal right to express their opinions and ideas, then committee's decision made will be communicated to the Board. Click here to read our Committee Operations Resolution
Landscape and Infrastructure Committee 
The Landscape and Infrastructure Committee advises the Board of Directors by providing suggestions and feedback on the community’s landscaping plans, infrastructure matters, and service provided by contractors.  The mission of Landscape and Infrastructure Committee is to support the Board of Directors in the maintenance, beautification, and enhancement of the physical condition and appearance of the common areas of the Palisades Park community. Read the Committee Mission Statement by clicking here
Committee Co-Chairs: Laura Scanlon and Renee Tucker 
Committee Members:
Alexandra Pugachevsky
Rick Weissenstein
David Yingling
Board Representative: Scott Goodwyn
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Covenants and Contracts Committee
Covenants and Contracts Committee assists the Board with reviewing and recommending any needed and/or requested updates to the governing documents and helping to develop and update, as needed, the terms and scopes of work for the contracts that govern the goods and services provided to and on behalf of the Association. 
Committee Chair: VACANT
Committee Members:
Members: Cindy Rowe and Jeff Altman 
Board Representative: Raffi Balian
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Communications and Social Committee
Committee Members: 
Karen Jensen
Helen Harris
Gerry Romano
Jack Katosh
Board Representative: Laura Scanlon